The 'Challenge' Loop

2011 Race Map:

Official 2011 "Challenge" Map in PDF Format
Map created by Ron and features course track in red with written directions.

About the "Challenge" Loop:

FIRST, ON A SERIOUS NOTE: when you ride the course RESPECT the other trail users. Equestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. Get off your bike and let them pass. There are no prizes on the practice days. Pay special attention on Eagle Valley and around the stables as equestrians will most likely be found in these areas.


For 2011 GORC is hoping the weather will allow us to run an 8 mile route that is 85% singletrack. Instead of riding the gravel Eagle Valley you will be routed "left" at the Eagle Valley intersection at the valley bottom heading up to the visitor's center. This is a pure singletrack climb that zig zags its way for 3/4 mile up a 300 foot vertical hillside.

The "Challenge" Loop in Text:

Start / Finish At the Visitor's Center. The Loop is described counter-clockwise but you can ride it in any direction. Race day is counter-clockwise.

--Starting at the Visitor's center, follow the doubletrack that parallels Allenton Road.
--Go left onto the singletrack that skirts the parking lot closest to the access gate and continue past the gate
--Going up to the towers via access road go left onto Declue then go right at first intersection climbing to tower. Follow trail then head right following the power line cut down singletrack paralleling Allenton Road
--Descend to bottom, left to begin DeClue CCW
--Follow DeClue and continue on new DeClue extension piece (.7mi long)
--Loops around and reconnects onto existing DeClue. Continue to monkey heads (steep/large rocks)
--Run up the monkeys and continue on DeClue go STRAIGHT (not up the steep climb to towers) and jump on new DeClue Extension (built '08 - '09)
--Ride lower leg to left hand awesome rock crib wall switchback, ride middle leg to right hand switchback and continue on high line.
--Continue on DeClue Extension to Scenic Loop road.
--Cross Scenic Loop Road and continue on BRAND NEW SINGLETRACK (2011) that descends onto the original Deer Run trail (eliminates last year's road segment.)
--Continue on Deer Run which will drop fall line rocky style down to the valley bottom. At the bottom is the gravel Eagle Valley trail.
--Turn LEFT!! (new for 2011 but may be adjusted depending on weather)
--Climbing gravel Eagle Valley the trail turns into singletrack as it climbs back to the start at the visitor's center.
--Stay left at the top onto doubletrack to start/finish.
--That is 1 lap, about 8 miles.