Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trails are Dialed

The Dogwood and Declue trails are dry, dusty and fast. There are a few trees down but some are hoppable while others do need the chop saw. If you thought Greensfelder was always a janked-up mess of horse ruts then you owe it to yourself to head out there over Labor Day weekend. It's all good.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Good Summer So Far

Well, yes, the blog doesn't get as much love as it should but that's because we are always riding and thinking about the trails. This summer has been a great one so far and the Greensfelder trails have been exceptionally great thus far.

The singletrack tread is as buff as ever considering its multi-use status and the fact that the rains have been few and far between have also helped keep the tread less choppy. We're still on the look out for the person(s) removing trail rocks and features that are natural to the hillsides of Greensfelder. You wouldn't dig holes over at Creve Coeur because it was too 'tame', would you? Same holds for sanitizing a natural surface trail in West St. Louis county - let nature be.

See you on the trails and at a fall workday.