Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greensfelder Challenge Recap and Gallery

Well, it's finally up. I managed to write up a short, accurate(?) piece on the Greensfelder Challenge on our blog and post up a few photos from Lisa's camera. If you have links to any other online galleries, shoot them to seamonkey on the message board.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Course Marked. Shred On!

With only a few days before the race this Saturday be sure to get on out there if you haven't yet. The trails are fast and as 'buff' as Greensfelder gets!

This is the last post before the big day so here's a recap.

+Beer on hand from Schlafly
+BBQ by Jeff Rippelmeyer (remember the awesome BBQ from last year? Yup, again!!!!)
+7.4 mile course
+Rigid forks are stupid but fun out there
+EQUESTRIANS always have the right of way - even on race day! Please remember this. Be nice.
+The rocks are rocky
+The dirt is flowy
+The creeks are wet
+The hills still continue to hurt
+Bring money
+Bring your fun-time personality
+A few people will be on the course to guide/offer aid
+Start/Finish at the VISITOR's Center (this is, if you're counting, the third lot from 6 Flags)
+The first rocky descent is scary when fast. Stay on the bike to continue having fun.
+The second rocky descent (Deer Run section) is faster and maybe scarier. Again, stay upright.
+To get some amazing BBQ finish your race quickly.
+Notice how much better this park has become in four years with our constant tinkering/construction
+Think how much more fantastic it will be every year thereafter. With your help!
+See you soon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Course is dialed

The course has been prepped and the rains have ceased. The course is ready to ride today and is drying nicely.

Some of us plan to ride some laps around 5:30 meeting at the visitor's center.

See you soon!

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