Monday, April 12, 2010

The Course is Marked, GO RIDE IT!!!

We got out and marked the course yesterday.
Starting from the Tower Parking Lot there
are yellow ribbons marking gates at every
intersection as shown above. If you don't see the
yellow ribbon after an intersecting trail, you're
probably on your way to being in the Screaming Eagle
cue. Ignore any blue ribbon you see out there.
Only follow the yellow ribbon gates.

We did make a small change based on how good the
trail conditions were. We will use more of the Declue
Extension even though the switchbacks are not
complete. There is one log that I will remove before
the race.

It will be a big advantage to go pre-ride the course
if you haven't been out there in awhile. Also, there are
several new sections that could use tires on them.

I had word of a 40'ish lap time and just a little over
8 miles by a local expert. That sounds like a solid
time to me.