Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brief Sunday Night Image Captures

Time is short and I'm tired but here is a brief sampling of images floating the internet. This is not the recap, look for that soon. This Greensfelder blog will morph over time into a dedicated all_Greensfelder_all_day information kiosk. But that will come later.

For now, peruse, enjoy.

I've linked to some galleries on the web. They can be found at the bottom of this post.

The picture that sums up the entire race, Josh and Val post-race. We hope everyone had a great time and thank all the people that had kind words for the club, the race and the park.

The GORC crew finally getting some down time from the race. Once tapped, the keg was at maximum flow rate the duration of its very, very important mission.

Matt and Lisa taking a break from retail. We had a great time talking to everyone.

Lisa operating the fluid GORC booth. We had a great turnout and sold almost all our clothing.

Didn't have a picture of Jeff manning his custom-built bbq pit. But you get the idea. Send me some of the owner-operator in action. I'm hungry now just looking for images that attempt to capture the magnitude and flavor of his BBQ.

Bryan Adams, our fearless president, organized the race with DRJ and raced the SS class. I didn't have an image available yet.

Tandem Tank testing the limits of their fork on this course. It held together as I did not hear an explosion in the woods.

Mapmaker Ron in the SS class.

Marathon Larry on the Superfly SS.

Eric Pirtle and Chris Ploch pushing hard through the turns.

Other Galleries 'Out There'